Prayer request please

I know I haven't been that active, but I have a serious prayer request
to put out.
As some of you know, my son has been taking karate since we moved
here, and my daughter started in October. The family that teaches
them has 3 children of their own.
On 8/12, the received the news that their youngest ( 4 years old) has
cancer. On 8/11, they took Evan to the local hospital thinking it was
his appendix. After several hours, blood work, and a CT, it was
determined that it wasn't his appendix, but that he had a mass in his
abdomen. He was then taken by ambulance to the larger hospital (UVA)
where they did more testing, including an ultrasound and a biopsy.
The ultrasound confirmed that it was as solid mass and the biopsy came
back that it was malignant. They are awaiting further pathology
results, but won't be able to get them until Tuesday. The hope is
that Evan can go home for the weekend and be with his family since
he's been in the hospital since Thursday.
Once they get the pathology reports back, they will know what they are
really up against.
This family is extremely active in the community - they have been
invited into the local elementary schools where they have taught about
stranger danger as well as how to deal with bullying. They have also
given of themselves above and beyond what most people would do. Last
year, their neighbors' house burned down right around Christmas. The
family opened not only their hearts, but their home to their neighbors
- mom, dad, children....and goats. Locally, we are working on fund
raising efforts to help them with the medical bills that are already
growing. Globally, we are asking for prayers and healing
thought...wisdom for the doctors, etc.
Thank you all in advance,
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