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Thanks to all who responded to my post on rayon shrinkage. I have learned a
> lot and will follow this rule: When in doubt & I really love the garment,
> dry clean it!
> nicamrem wrote in message <7pl8ls$ud9$>...
> >Cold water helps to prevent shrinking and the nylon bag helps prevent
> >your seams from either ripping, pulling apart, or becoming unraveled.
> >If you buy a rayon with a sheen then never wash it, dryclean or you
> >will lose the sheen. If you buy a ready made garment that is
> >expensive, dry clean it. You don't want to risk the shrinkage. > >nicamrem
> >
> >
> >In article <7pfnvk$dkt$>,
> >> Do the mesh washing bags help prevent shrinking or does it protect > >the seams
> >> from getting damaged, or both?
> >> nicamrem wrote in message <7pcaki$df2$>...
> >> >When machine washing a rayon garment either store bought or hand > >made,
> >> >you should ALWAYS put it in a mesh washing bag. You can get these > >bags
> >> >at most grocery stores and they are usually used for nylons. > >Actually
> >> >I use these bags for most of my "hand wash only" garments. I know > >what
> >> >I can get away with and what I can't because I took a course on > >> >textiles.
> >> >nicamrem
> >> >
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>Share what you know. Learn what you don't.
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