Silk and Sergers HELP!

I need some advice. I have 8mm china silk lining and want to use a serger
to prevent it from fraying while making the garment.
I used some test pieces and my serger almost ate it up!
What else can I do?
Is there anything else besides a zigzag edge finish and pinked edge?
Thank you
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Karin Singer
Two points: When my serger eats up fabric, it's often a sign that the knife needs either sharpening or replacing. They get dull after a while, and I replace mine whenever I notice that it isn't cutting as well as it should. Second point is also about knives, does the serger use a cutting action like a saw (1 blade) or does it use a scissor action, (2 blades)? Single blade machines have problems with finer fabrics than the two blade machines.
How about french seams? Fine china silk responds well to french seams. I use it when lining sheer fabrics with china silk.
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Changed your serger blades recently? That'd be the first thing I'd check. Then I'd increase the cutting width if the blades aren't the issue. Consider a stabilizer of some sort, too -- a bit is often useful for starting a seam on very lightweight fabrics.
I'd strongly consider french seams.
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Kay Lancaster
I'd check lower blade level on the serger FIRST. Unplug and take the foot off, then check that the TOP cutting edge of the blade is level with the sewing bed. If not, adjust until it is.
After that, make sure that the tension isn't too tight and that the stitch isn't too short. I'd also swap out the needles for microfibre 70's.
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On Thu, 22 Feb 2007 17:40:21 GMT, "Karin Singer" wrote:
After you've changed the blade and needles....
A question similar to yours came up on a serger group I am on & several of the members there suggested using a wash away stabilizer to add more stiffness to the fabric while serging.
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