Calling Kate Dicey!

Thank you Kate for your fitting advice for my princess-style top. It
worked! Rather than keep on taking in more seams on the back of the
garment, I decided to experiment with using the size 14 option for the
back and using the size 18 for the front. The front is a bit big now
at the sides below the sleeve to the bottom. I will take more in
until I get the right fit there.
However, I also have a problem with what some people call gaposis in
jewel necklines. I am about a 38-inch bust and quite high as well.
The depth from the throat to the bust line is probably less than
usual. I take in some extra on the front shoulder seam at the neck
edge (up to 7/8th inch instead of the regular half-inch) and this
relieves the gap a bit.
Do you think I should now slash the pattern in three or four places
and overlap up to 1/4 inch on these slashes? My Fast-Fit book
recommends this. I don't seem to have the same problem with a high
V-neck. Sometimes a slightly smaller facing will draw in the gap, or
if I am using a narrow binding of the same material I can ease the gap
into the binding.
Have you any other suggestions? And can you please tell me why I
have this problem? It would be illuminating for me!
Thanks a bunch
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Great! :)
You could also try shortening the pattern slightly through the chest above the bust line, a couple of inches below the throat.
Yes. :)
You do. It just doesn't show! ;) So it's safe to ignore it... But if you cut that same pattern that fits in a high V as a Jewl neck line, the gaposis will magically reappear!
This is quite safe to do if the gaposis is tiny. I usually suspect lack of stay-stitching if the gaposis is small enough to be coped with like this.
Feel your chest above the bust: can you feel your ribs and breastbone? is there only skin covering them? If so, this is because you have no extra padding covering the bones above the bust. I'm a DD these days, and get the same problem! When I was fatter and an F, gaposis failed to appear!
You're welcome. :)
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Kate you're amazing....I love your explanations....even I can understand this :)
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I have opened this response at night - and I have a busy day tomorrow doing something else! I will experiment with all your suggestions. And, yes, I had a gut-feeling this problem was due to a lack of surplus fat in the area below the throat, but I couldn't pin-point it as well as you. Thanks. Will post results in due course! Cheers.
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