vintage patterns -- to cut or not?

Hmm, we miscommunicated here somehow.....
I was speaking of copysets.. We used them back before fax machines were common, medical records were usually color coded... (the color coding was stopped in most facilities when fax and xerox machines became common, as the colours would only copy as black text on a white background.)
Copysets came in all sorts of colours for the paper portion.. Colours such as "goldenrod" (gold), "canary" (yellow), pink, orange, blue, green, violet, white etc.. The carbon portion was on very thin tissue , and was always black carbon as far as I know, and was lightly anchored on one end of the paper... My favorite stupid trick when overly-tired from pulling a double shift was to put the darn things the wrong way under the top sheet of paper, so all the carbon text was backwards on the copyset paper.
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as kiddy back before photocopiers we allways called it Banda. and was always purple. ver very occasionally cyan blue. but on the pattern traciing front.... Kids drawing paper on a roll from Ikea. or cheap left over wallpaper from charity shops or DIY place
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