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Perfect for this group!
Beverly Love it! You have to look at the ninth to see it. Kirsten On Jan 9, 3:03=A0pm, "BEI Design" wrote: Beverly - thanks for this!! I read it to hubby (who knows the strrip, so familiar with the...
11 years ago 50
Fabric site
I stumbled on this site today when I was looking for a new bathrobe pattern for me. The fabrics are pricey but may have something someone is looking for. On 1/9/09 9:30 AM, in article 49676d98$0$4882$...
11 years ago 21
good use for old wedding gown material?
I've heard about the christening dresses etc. An other ideas? Yards and yards of Italian silk have fallen my way. Dye it and make throw pillows? Thanks. I am no seamstress - have a machine but it's...
11 years ago 3
Pfaff Hobbylock 4842 Serger Presser Foot Lifter Problems
Hello Everyone My Pfaff serger's presser foot lifter was disengaged somehow. When I try to raise the presser foot, it won't work and there was a flap coming out. I am hoping this is a rather easy...
11 years ago 3
I'sn't it wonderful how quiet and peaceful it's been
Since Emerson Wainwright and his various sockpuppets too their b-rate act down the road? -- Patrick "The Chief Instigator" Humphrey ( Houston, Texas (TCI's 2008-09 Houston Aeros}AA#2273 LAST GAME:...
11 years ago 2
Suit 1: Quick off the blocks!
Main fabric disintered from stash: Very dark navy with white pinstripe at 1/4" intervals. Wool/poly mix, ideal for speed tailoring. Lining, pocketing, waistband stuff, and more hair canvas ordered...
11 years ago 14
finally back
I've been having problems with my email and news programs. It all just crashed on me one day. What a bummer. My DS has been so busy he couldn't get over to help me out and I was getting more than a...
11 years ago 14
Bernina 1001
Hello, I am in search of a Bernina sewing machine. I want a good basic, sturdy sewing machine, with which I can sew garments and/or drapes, etc. I have a Singer Futura II, which I love, but is...
11 years ago 4
They come not in single spies
But in batalions... News just came in that our friend has succomed to her cancer. The funeral is on Wednesday 21 January, in Yorkshire, at 11 am. 250 miles away. We'll be going up the day before......
11 years ago 16
Troll and Spam Sandwich
Buy 3 large tins of spam and some bungy cord... A loaf of rye bread some smoked salmon and good ham tomatoes: the big ripe juicy sort! cream cheese... Take an old leather safety glove and cut a large...
11 years ago 2
They're getting worse It's the January sales. Cut prices trolls - BOGOF!
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troubles sewing a gi collar ?
I started on a Gi project by drafting a pattern then making a muslin of that pattern. FTIP - pictures can be seen here ... had lots of grief trying to get the collar sewn aroud the neck. The Gi collar...
11 years ago 9
pattern balancing
Pattern balance is a series of internal consistencies that help a garment made from the pattern hang correctly on the body, and not pitch forward or backwards or twist. Before I knew any formal...
11 years ago 1
Pretty Punch Embroidery
I have lots of Pretty Punch supplies to sell. I was a dealer for many years, and need to sell my inventory. Please contact me for good prices. ##-----------------------------------------------##...
11 years ago 4
detaching knee lift for janome
I cannot detach the knee lift from my brand new Janome 6600. Does someone know how? Thanks ------------------------------------- jng ##-----------------------------------------------## Delivered via...
11 years ago 2