Crush Grind Peppermill

I am ready to try turning a peppermill and have a crush grind mechanism from
Packard. The directions indicate that I need to trun two grooves one inside
the body and the other inside the cap. These grooves are sort of like a
groove for a snap ring. They actually hold the mechanism in the body and the
truning mechanism in the cap.
Has anyone turned a peppermill using this mechanism. I am not sure what to
use to make the groove. The groove needs to be about 2 1/4 inches up from
the bottom of the body and about 3/4 inch up from the bottom of the cap.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Russ Stanton
Hi Russ
These are the only mechanism that I've used and I really like how they enable you to design whatever you want for the top, without having to factor in the usual metal knob.
There are now a couple of places selling scrapers to make the groove but it's pretty easy to make your own, and that's what I did. If you go to the Stiles and Bates website and look at their Crushgrind page you'll see one, along with dimensions (although you can just work from the actual mechanism).
Hope that helps. If you need more info just ask
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Duncan Hoyle
Thanks Duncan
I went to the web site and looked at the sketch of the tool and believe I can make this. Being in the US I would probably not be able to easily get the special made tool from Stiles and Bates. If you have any other suggestions on a source of the scraper for this application I would appreciate it, especially if I have trouble making the tool. Russ
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Russ Stanton
That looks like a simple tool to make with a file and a vise.
You might be able to find a large screw driver that can be ground down and then defined just right. I'm thinking of the 18" long thick ones. Provided handle and shaft.
You can make a paper overlay for easy testing while filing / grinding.
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Martin H. Eastburn
in the past, when I've wanted to cut an interior groove, I've made a tool from an allen wrench - it's good steel and will take a great edge
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Bill Noble
Some would fit in an Oland tool.. great idea, since I have a lot of old wrenches..
Please remove splinters before emailing
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mac davis
the last time I needed to do this, I just drilled a piece of CRS rod axially and brazed the wrench into the hole and then put the result into a piece of dowel for a handle. You can skip the brazing and just use epoxy, you can use a set screw, you can probably buy something ready made - you don't need anything fancy....
doesn't anyone use their tools to make tools any more?? Grrrrrr. Come on guys, exercise those neurons - most of the time you can make what you need in less time than it takes to go to the store to buy it.
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Bill Noble

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