OT: Filter for Outlook Express that works

For those of you using OE and are irritated by the nutcase who feels
persecuted by the Brits Secret Service, here is a filter that gets rid of
those posts.
Granted you will lose a message with the subject " Man, I turned 5 Pots
today". If that is you I'm sorry I won't be able to read it. Other
suggestions/enhancements welcome..
Apply this rule to currently downloaded messages
Where the Subject line contains 'M' and 'I' and '5' and 'P'
Delete it
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I don't think I have ever seen one of the drongo's messages. If I did, I hit the down arrow key to the next message of thread.
I use Agent and have my filters set so that anything crossposted to more than 2 newsgroups goes automatically into trash, It has got rid of a few nutcases on r.c.metalworking and cut the off-topic posts by at least 50%, even then I only read the 10% that interest me. Maybe I do lose one interesting message in 1000. Tough !
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