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Hello everyone
I noticed that Errol posted a notice saying he has experienced a problem with
the delivery of his issues of Woodturning magazine. We are on top of this and
are doing our best to sort this one out quickly.
However, it occured to me that if anyone has not heard of Woodturning magazine
and is interested in seeing an issue, e-mail me and I will send a free copy
out to you ao you can see what it is like.
Due to the fact that I hope to have a holiday soon I am going to be cheeky and
set a closing date of the December 10th 2003 for this offer.
Kind regards,
Mark Baker
Editor Woodturning Magazine
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I've heard of delays in delivery to the U.S., but I've only had one delayed issue of the monthly "Woodturning" in several years, and it arrived before a promptly sent replacement. For North Americans it is a good balance to AAW's quarterly "American Woodturner". It's a nicely printed and edited addition, not a substitute, to AAW. There are many 'left side of the pond' authors including such worthies as rcw's Steven Russell and Fred Holder. The N.A. turning scene and worldwide goings on are well covered. Rereading old issues always surprises me with something useful and/or of current interest. Pricey, but for those who learn from reading print & pics, not excessive when compared to the costs of tapes, tuition or attending seminars. IMHO, in 2003 the internet beats them all for up to date info, convenience, cost, exchange of ideas, and sociablity. Arch
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Oh Hello there met you briefly at the Harrogate show, I was the newbie woman that stood and watched for quite a while on the saturday. Did you manage to get anything out of that rather dangerous oak burl after the show?
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Hello There I haven't been home yet, so have not had a chance to turn the burr. I am going to give it a serious try though. It's a large mulbury burr, so it will have some fantastic figuring in it. I'll publish a picture if I get anything from it. Regards, Mark
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oops, could have sworn you said oak, *makes mental note to pay more attention next time*.
you don't run courses by any chance do you?
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