right arm pain?

Hi guys,
I have been experiencing right forearm pain on the inner edge (medial)
at the ulnar muscle (the muscle facing you when you turn your right
arm inward). I am wondering if this is due to my increase in knitting
recently or if it is instead due to using my computer mouse (I work on
this darn thing for a living....). Anyone ever have a similar
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Uh huh, and it's probably both in combination. Do some stretching - extend your arm and gently push your hand back with the other, hold a minute. Take more frequent breaks while knitting and working, shake out your arms/hands. Do some massage on the area and use Tiger balm, Biofreeze or some sort of icy-hot gel on the arms.
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Not right now, but when I overdo either, it happens. Don't forget to take breaks while knitting or computing.
Higs, Katherine
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Both! Either! Fix the ergonomics of both.
Train for both as you would train for long distance running.
Stop, rest, and heal! Stretch and strengthen surrounding muscles.
Build up slowly. Read what they say about training for other endurance activities such as marathons and ultra marathons. If you are clicking that mouse for a living, that means you are making those muscles and ligaments work for 8 hours a day. Add an hour of knitting and that is 9 hours per day. That is a lot!
You would not go from being a couch potato to trying to run 50 miles per day, every day, because you know you would get sore. But, you expect to be able to make your forearm muscles and all of those ligaments go from minimal use to working hard for 9 hours per day. No, something is going to break down! Just like the body of a runner that tries to do too much, too fast. The break down may not occur until months after the increased level of activity, but the problem goes back to increasing the level of activity too fast, or poor ergonomics. If you have poor ergonomics, then no amount of training will keep you healthy.
With due regard for , it can be done. But, think about computer clicking and knitting as endurance athletic activities and train for them.
You did not break down in a day, and you are not going to heal in a day.
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Aaron Lewis
Sounds like you have Tennis elbow .. the only cure as far as I know is to give up knitting for a few months .
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No!!! I had tennis elbow and had a cortisone shot. Excruciatingly painful, but it worked.
Higs, Katherine
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