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Recipes for your guest these holidays - Gourmandia
Gourmandia is home to hundreds of great recipes and chefs, for people who like new and excited foods.
13 years ago
Golden syrup
On another email list someone from Montreal is asking for a source of Tate & Lyle Golden syrup - she wants to make "Hob Nobs", a sort of crunchy oatmeal biscuit. She has found one in the U.S. but it...
13 years ago 6
Maeshowe webcam on top form
Almost perfect conditions today at sunset for the Maeshowe webcam at . Augers well for tomorrow's solstice. Oh bum!! Sorry folks - wrong newsgroups. Should have been the Orcadian email list. I knew it...
13 years ago 3
dry oatmeal raisin cookies
I made the Cooks Illustrated oatmeal raisin cookie recipe or the one from the great Simply Recipes site (looks the same to me). came out dry and didn't spread. I had some random thoughts but wonder if...
13 years ago 6
convection oven and cookies
Hi, I bought a new convection oven just before Thanksgiving...Southbend Marathoner Gold Half-size electric convection oven (10 rack), and I'm having some difficulties adjusting the time and...
13 years ago 5
Why didn't our fudge set up?
My wife made this fudge recipe: never set's just a pan of delicious goo. Why is this? Temperature-wise, we used a digital thermometer and did everything according to the recipe. Was it raining...
13 years ago 10
I've made several generic bread so far using all purpose flour, water, sugar, salt, olive oil, yeast. The resulting bread has a dry feel to it. How do I make it softer and less dry, like a hotdog bun,...
13 years ago 3
We moved from an area near sea-level to a town, elev. 4500 feet. Suddenly, these cautions about high-elevation cooking are real. The general cure seems to be ..."add some flour". But why does it work...
13 years ago 3
Where to get good cheap organic spelt flour?
Hi all, My local health food store is price-gouging me on the spelt flour, which I greatly prefer to wheat or white. They want $3 per pound for bulk, and slightly less for the organic spelt sold by...
13 years ago 2
Why lower temps for non-stick pans?
Hi, I bought a cake mix and noticed that the baking instructions were 30 mins at 350 degrees. It then said, "For darker or non-stick pans, bake at 325 degrees for 41-44 minutes." I've not seen this...
13 years ago 9
Batter vs. Dough At what point does a batter become a dough or does a dough become a batter?
I have a dough formula that I want to convert into a batter. By using the "Baker's Percentage," my water is about 78% of the weight of the flour. That's a pretty wet and sticky dough already. At what...
13 years ago 3
English Muffins hydration question
Here's the formula I have been using: English Muffins method: muffin method Bread flour 900 g 100.00% Salt 12 g 1.33% Baking soda 2 g 0.22% Water 702 g 78.00% Sugar 16 g 1.78% Instant yeast 12 g 1.33%...
13 years ago 3
Pretzel Recipe Using Baking Ammonia
Several years ago I lost a treasured recipe for Soft Pretzels which used Bakers' Ammonia in the process. Does anyone have a recipe using that ingredient?? Thanks, Peter Hall Hooksett, NH That sounds...
13 years ago 1
My first no knead bread attempt
This is my first attempt at the NYT no knead bread recipe. I started yesterday at noon with the exact recipe. At 9 am this morning I started the dough on it's 2nd rise. It looked precisely as it...
13 years ago 148
Help re: baking powder vs yeast
Can I use yeast instead of baking powder? What is the difference in using the two? Are they inter-changeable? I keep both in my freezer but the baking powder seems dead. The yeast works fine. In...
13 years ago 2