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Karleen, your taste and mine are different. I also never buy kits. I can't
answer any questions about what might work better for you.
All I can tell you is that my own (limited) success comes from what feels
best to me. I know what I do is good and valuable. I mostly need to find
my venue or focus on how to reach my natural market. You do what you do
very well. Changing what you do would just fragment your shop -- the total
integral product you present.
I consider you an asset to rcb and the beading community.
About your neck. I imagine there is something traumatic that happened to
you about January, if your body always bites you then (even if just a sort
of fear the winter will NEVER end). If you can identify it, try sending
energy/prayer back to the original situation. A forgive and release prayer
is good and very freeing to you. ("Forgive" doesn't mean you have to forget
and remain vulnerable). I would suggest that you also send love from
yourself, or God or the Universe especially to the part of your body that
hurts. The mind remembers, but the body also "stores memories". Your
muscles can remember, and tense your very bones into positions that damage
Chiropractic and massage help some people, as do the laying on of hands with
healing intention. Training helps with Healing hands, Reiki, etc, but
intention is the most important thing, and can be done by anyone.
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Dear friends,
> It seems like this time every year my neck goes out - not on a date or
> anything fun like that - it just goes out of whack. Can't figure out why...
> but it does. So, once again I'm not able to spend a lot of time on the PC
> getting new stuff up for you - but I thought, hey why not make the best of > it? >
> So here's the deal - if you either buy something from my website and/or on
> auction and pay with PayPal - the time that saves you wouldn't believe! -
> I'll include a FREE GIFT with your purchase.
> It's simple:
> 1. Buy something on my website
> 2. And/or win something on auction
> 3. This week only!
> 4. Pay with PayPal
> 5. Get a FREE GIFT.
> What is the free gift? I don't know yet - I've got lots of neat stuff to
> chose from - but based on what you buy, I'm sure it will be something you'll
> like! So get out there and buy, buy, buy! :)
> PS thanks for everyone who responded to our survey - it's not too late to
> get your thoughts out to us - better yet, write them down cuz my psychotic
> abilities are not too keen these days. LOL WHAT survey? Oh, just let us know
> what kinds of things you need/want/HAVE to buy from us! So we can plan what
> to post/list for you.
> Thanks,
> Karleen Page
> Member International Jewelry Designers Guild (IJDG)
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