I'm BAAAAACK -- for 2 days!

Hi Guys
Home again, home again juggity, jig!! Leaving on 04 June for
Ireland & Scotland. Got some work done on the biscornu I'm making for
Janet my stitchin' buddy while I was at the cabin but that's about it.
The cruise with the kids was a huge success and I got a fair amount of
knitting done, too.
Has anyone gotten any info on the status of GeoBear? Has anyone
heard from Dawne to know if she ever received him? Whoever gets him, he
needs to be sent back to Raechel or her school. School is over now so
there's no big hurry but I DO want him to get back there eventually.
That's it for now, just got home and I have HUGE pile of mail to wade
through. Hope everyone had fun while I was away!! CiaoMeow >^;;^<
PAX, Tia Mary >^;;^< (RCTQ Queen of Kitties)
Angels can't show their wings on earth but nothing was ever said about
their whiskers!
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Tia Mary
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you are on thin iceyou might as well danceDon't back stitch to email just stitchit
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My oh my, aren't you the jet-setter! Well, nice to hear from you. Sounds like you barely have time to do the laundry to pack and leave again!
Fun is all relative, at least that's how it seems of late. Anyhow - glad you're doing well, and enjoy the next trip - at least it ought to be cool ;^)
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Ellice K.

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