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It was expected but still hard. Grandma passed away this afternoon. A long
day with the stress of school and standards testing and several update phone
calls from my sister from back east. Only a viewing and no service so I'm
not traveling back. I'll just go take a walk on Saturday afternoon by
myself when the family gathers back there.
Here are some happy memories I'm holding onto:
I remember the pink lemonade floats in the colored aluminum glasses.
Learning how to embroider from those old iron-on patterns.
Her homemade noodles in beef noodle soup on Thanksgiving Eve followed by
sticky twist and nut rolls the next morning.
Homemade chocolate fudge, macintosh apples, popcorn, and coke on Sunday
Her small table-top Christmas tree in the corner window.
Her liver and onions and brown milk gravy for my birthday dinner.
Helping her clean the rental cottage next door on Saturdays in the summer
(Aunt Mabel?s old house).
Dialing the old rotary phone on the wall with the pencil eraser.
Just a few things that are specific but that I remember fondly.
Thanks for indulging me.
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Steven Cook
{{{{Steven}}}} Hold those memories dear, because so long as you have those your Grandma is still with you in your heart. She sounds like a "making & doing" sort of person and I know she passed that on to you. Honour her memory by remembering her by making and doing in your life.
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Lizzy Taylor
Steve, those memories of yours made me smile- what a special way to honor your grandma. My heart hurts for you in your loss.
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Leslie & The Furbabies in MO.
Sending gentle hugs to you, and your family. By your memories and thoughts it is clear you and your Grandma shared a special bond. Share with your stu dents as you feel comfortable; no doubt they will understand and offer comf ort as they can.
Ginger in CA
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Ginger in CA
So sorry for your loss. She sounds like a special person, treasure those memories.
Hugs to you and Bert
On Wed, 3 Apr 2013 21:01:14 -0800, "Steven Cook" wrote:
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Mary in Rock Island IL
In article ,
I'm so sorry for your loss, Steven -- even when expected, it's never easy. Your memories of her are heart-warming.
Sandy in Henderson, near Las Vegas 
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Sandy Foster
Your memories brought back some memories of my own grandma whom we lost suddenly over 35 years ago. She had the same colored aluminum drinking glasses, only I remember them being filled with cold, fresh milk from their own hand-milked cows.
I inherited her sewing maching (currently on loan to my sister, though) and brown, wooden sewing box, in the bottom of which I found a few quilt blocks. These became the center medallion of a quilt I still have today.
Treasure your memories. She will always be with you.
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Sorry to hear of her passing. Memories are wonderful. My Grandmother died over 40 years ago, and I still revisit my memories of our times together.
Susan quilting as usual
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Susan Torrens
I think we all have those special memories of our Grannys. Mine have been gone ever so long now, but they were the ones I remember teaching me to cook, garden, make jellies and quilt. I hope I make as great a Grandmother as those women.
{{{{hugs}}}}to you and Bert.
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amy in SoCal
So very sorry for your loss.
Your memories are a good reminder to those of us who are Grandmas now that it is the time we spend with those children that they will remember. Spending money on them is seldom part of their favorite times - it is the personal attention full of love that they treasure. I'll try to carry that in my heart as I enjoy my three treasures. Moni
On Wed, 3 Apr 2013 21:01:14 -0800, "Steven Cook" wrote:
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Ramona Walker
((((((More hugs))))))) Roberta in D
On Wed, 3 Apr 2013 21:01:14 -0800, "Steven Cook" wrote:
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