12 hour Crop today

I'm home and have 10 more pages done and 6 still in the power LO box ready
to go. I'll finish them tomorrow. That brings my Catch up Challenge
nicely, but I still have some work ahead if I'm going to meet my goal. I
also finished a page at the crop at my house. I scrapped while a friend of
mine made a baby shower card. My other scrapping friend stood me up for the
2nd time this year. I think we're finished as crafting buds. Funny thing
is in Janurary she asked if we could move the night to the 3rd Friday of the
month instead of the 1st to be more convenient for her. She isn't returning
phone calls and sent me a lame email last month. This month nothing.
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Sounds like you've had a very productive week, Lynne. I went to a crop last night and was able to get nine LO's done there from my kit stash. Then when I came home everyone was in bed so I did two more. It was so quiet here for a change. I love it when everyone is in bed but me and the cat. I hope to get a few more done today , maybe......... I have several plants to get into the ground and we've got a couple of projects to complete in the child care play area.
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Sounds like it was a very productive crop. Can't wait to see your pages.
My family has been gone most of today and will be gone tomorrow, so I'm hoping to get the 11 pages I need to complete the March/April challenge finished.
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WTG Lynne! Sounds like you were very productive. That's a shame about your scrapping friend drifting away. Maybe she'll realize what fun she's been missing out on and find her way back!
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Deb in AR
Sounds like a great day at the crop! You got alot done! I'm sorry your friend hasn't been the crafting buddy she's been before. Perhaps she's got something going on that she isn't able to share. Sometimes we aren't the kind of friends we'd like to be. {{HUGS}}
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That is what I've determine... something is going on or she feels her attention is needed else where. It was very hard to begin with seeing as we've been friends and talk to one another several times a week for 12 years. Suddenly nothing. I'm sorry she feels she can't share with me what ever is going on. I've been there and slogged through many a mess with her, so she knows I'll be there for her. I'm done being mad, feeling sorry for myself and have moved on. She'll come back if she wants too. If not life goes on and I have so much more with which to be grateful.
Thanks for your reply and good to see you back from your trip.
Hugs, Lynne
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