How do you count your LO's?

I want to include the number of LO's I do in my signature this year, but I
was wondering how you guys count your LO's. For example does a double LO (2
x 12x12 pages) count for 2? And how about 6x6 LO's? I've seen Sandy
mention that she also include her recipe LO's in the count, and I think I
would also do that, but maybe also list them seperately? Would appreciate
all of your ideas!
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Judy SA
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I count each page and keep a running page total. I figure each page requires some thought and work and deserves to be in my count. Then I like to put the different swaps I've participated in after that. It really is something you can make up for yourself. What kinds of things that you like to keep track of.
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King's Crown
On Sun, 8 Jan 2006 20:03:40 +0200, "Judy SA" wrote:
I don't bother to keep track now, but when I did I counted cards in one tally, scrapbook pages in another, and made a note of special albums completed (like mini gift books)
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Karen AKA Kajikit

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