Well, I got home at 11pm on Sunday night, after six days of franric
frocking, and sewing up to the wire (almost! We had time for tea and
cake before leaving to find a traffic jam in our way!). Since then I
have slept! Lots! I'm finally awake!
I will do a complete saga of the frock, with pictures, in the next day
or two, but I have a little red item with jewels on to complete for
Friday, so that takes a priority.
I was staying in her brother's flat (bro has just got married and moved
out, but not completely!), in her parent's block, and Ursula and the
sewing area were in the next block - a converted farmhouse and barn.
Ursula's gown went from bits of fabric, a paper pattern, and threads
vial a couple of toiles (no 3 for the dress, No 2 for the jacket!) to a
gown and jacket that need only the hand finishing. With the help of
Auntie's Pfaff sewing machine and one of my overlockers (hm... Flying
with an overlocker to Forn Parts is a saga all on it's lonesome!), The
Table With The Gammy Leg, and two classroom type tables and a baby gate,
we managed to cut the heavy satin and keep the Sticky Infant off the sewing!
Christine is lovely - a lively little one, and dead cute. I taughter to
say 'Granny', and 'Lion' (GRRRR!) and 'Monkey'.
We also managed to consume plenty of tea and cake and a couple of nice
bottles of wine. Eric The Viking (AKA Edgar) came over for dinner one
night, and I even got over to Ursula's house and helped her pet her
stash and the cat (who is beautiful but very shy).
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Yay!!!! Sounds like a marvelous time all around. :) Can't wait to see pictures. (well, I can and will wait till you are rested....just I'm excited to see them. lol)
Glad you had so successful a trip and are home safe and sound now. I bet the guys missed you!
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Sharon Hays
Glad you had a good trip. Welcome back! I'm ready and waiting to see the pictures when you can get to it. Juno
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Juno B

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