Motor lock or hand crank frozen

Singer 626 model. I can hear the motor wanting to run but it seems frozen. And when I go to turn the hand crank it moves very very little. The machine has been very well kept for it?s years and is very clean. Will replacing the motor work. Or does something need adjusting
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If you are unable to manually force the machine to turn - by using the handwheel - a replacement motor will not likely help. Some history would be helpful - when was it last used ? etc.
This web site says :
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NOTE: 600 & 603 are included as heavy duty because many have the same steel gears as the 401 and 500. We've seen steel gears on a number of early production 600 series Touch & Sew models (600, 603 ,626 ,648) but there are no guarantees. It's a good idea to remove the bottom cover and check the gears before buying any Touch and Sew. Black plastic gears are prone to cracking with age. White nylon gears are better than black plastic, but don't hold up like the original steel gears.
Good luck. John T.
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