Nylon or Polyester for Flag Repair

DH left his flag out during a thunderstorm, and afterward found a slit
in it. I inspected the damage, and it's only the stitching given way
-- I can overlap the flat-felled seam and top stitch it.
Fading will send the flag to the Legion hall at the end of this summer
or the next, so I'll use thread I've already got.
I've got "long fiber" (i.e. chopped into staple) polyester and
filament nylon. Which will stand up to sun longer?
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Joy Beeson
On Mon, 25 Jul 2011 10:43:37 -0400, Joy Beeson wrote:
Polyester is much more UV resistant than untreated nylon.
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Kay Lancaster
I should have said polyfilament nylon, i.e., not chopped.
Basted the seam today, found other seams that have come undone on one side, and a few inches of side hem that needs to be re-stitched. All at the flapping end, so not much work to repair.
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Joy Beeson

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