Ping Ron Anderson again

You're going to love this. Christmas Eve, I was serging a stack of
receiving blankets for NewBorns in Need and once again, the flimsy
replacement footcontrol for my Bernina 334DS stopped. Just quit. DH came
to the rescue and we discovered that if he pressed down on the wire where
the foot control attaches to the serger that the rascal would go.
That was a start. I have a hefty, heavy - might even be considered a
weapon considering its weight - flashlight. One of those that takes 4 D
batteries. When I need the serger to go, I just put the flashlight on the
plug and away we go.
Am I the only stitcher you know who serges by flashlight? Polly

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Polly Esther
That model does not have any computer boards so it will work that way for a while anyway without damaging anything else. However it would be in your best interest to start working on getting a new one as it will fail completely just when you need it most.
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Ron Anderson
I'm thinking about surprising myself with a gift of a new serger. But. There are so many and so many are duds. The new(er) Elna here is okay for boring stuff but doesn't have the ability to do a fine rolled edge like the old 334DS. Polly
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Polly Esther

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