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Hey all,
I was at Wal-Mart last week (now I know that must be shocking to you, seeing
as I make about 4 trips there in an average's somehow surreal
when the door greeters say "Hi, Sharon" rather than just hello. lol)
Picked up the January "Threads." On the cover, there is a gorgeous picture
of a pillow and throw decorated with velvet applique. Well, that was just
too tempting to resist. And the potential for gift giving uses is high. :)
So I wanted to try that out. I reserve Saturday (whenever possible) as my
recreational sewing day. I can do whatever I want to in my sewing room on
Saturday unless I'm on a really short deadline. Since one of my projects
is to make accent pillows for my niece's soon to be redecorated bedroom, I
thought this would be a good thing to try out. Well, I don't want or need
any new pillows here. So what to try this out on??? hmmm..... Then I remembered
that I have an old, slightly abused Levi's jacket hanging in my closet.
I've wanted to do *something* fun with it for a long time. But the perfect
project hasn't come up...till now!
I dug through some of my books and found an applique pattern for morning
glories. (I just love morning glories.) Then I dug through my stash.
There was red panne velvet, and blue panne velvet. What do you know!
Morning glory colors!! It must be a sign. There was more of the blue than
the red, so I covered the collar of the jacket in blue and appliqued on the
back of the jacket. It may get more stuff stuck on there as time goes on.
Never can tell. Pretty happy with it so far.
Here it is:
formatting link

This is another great quick and easy, fun project. I haven't looked on
Threads' website to see if directions for the method are up there. But boy,
did it go fast and easy, just like the article promised. :) My one fear
was that fusing the wonder under would melt the panne. Nope. It did just
fine. :) I will definitely do this technique again.
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On Mon, 24 Nov 2003 12:26:56 GMT, "mamahays" wrote:
Woohoo, simply gorgeous! The morning glories were a flash of genius, as the stitching to indicate petal separation really sets them off. There is a jacket that will be worn out. another Sharon
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Life Experience
Fabulous! Now, how about some leaves? And then, if you really get crazy, a hummingbird. ;-)
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Looks AWESOME, Sharon!!! I was just picking apart the article yesterday, trying to figure out what I could do with it too!! Your jacket turned out so nice.
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You are reading my mind!! lol I got some green panne the other day. I didn't have any stashed when I started on the jacket. ;) I'm going to put some leaves on it sooner or later. lol
And I'm keeping my eye open for a jean jacket that will fit my sister. She collects hummingbirds. Her birthday isn't until April, so I have a while to get that one done. lol
I'm also looking for a jacket to fit my DD. I want to do this on one for her in something else. Maybe daisy shaped flowers or something like that. Thought about just different shapes. Maybe with some matching flare jeans too. :) I'm seeing 1001 ideas for this technique. lol
Sharon ---haunting the Goodwill stores in my spare time....
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Thanks everyone for all the praise. :) Sharon, I am indeed going to wear this one out. lol I've been wearing it a great deal this week. It's generated a lot of comments. :)
Lisa, have you picked a project yet? I was really intrigued by the skirts they showed both with the article and on the back cover. I know I wouldn't wear anything decorated that big, but I was thinking a black twill skirt with a border of the velvet applique along the hem would be gorgeous. Something simple as far as this goes. ;) (and something too that would be one more excuse to wear my favorite black leather boots. LOL) I'm also thinking about jeans for my DD. She likes flared jeans and those just beg for some sort of embelishment. Evening bags would be a great place for this too. I really like how it looks on "utiltarian" fabrics though. Just a little pinache! ;)
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