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Bowl Turning Tear-out Problem ? ? ?
I turned a small cherry bowl (3" deep x 9" in diameter) yesterday on my Jet Mini lathe. The cherry blank was green, but has been air-drying in my shop for about a year. When I began to turn it, I got...
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You decide. God Bless Al Kyder
17 years ago
July's 'Products Showcase' added to Creative Woodturning
July's 'Products Showcase' has been added to Creative Woodturning. This month's showcase features the 'Wet Turning With A Difference' video from the workshop of world renowned turner Stuart Mortimer....
17 years ago
Re: Reaction Wood??? Andi??
Ken - I saw this statement in the book, also, and don't know quite what to make of it. Reaction wood is a descriptor for the larger spacing of growth rings on one side of the pith relative to the...
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talon chuck insert
Hi All, I recently purchased a talon chuck. The insert for the spindle adaptor does not seat entirely in the chuck, sitting proud about 1/8 of an inch. Is this normal? The screws were missing with the...
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Re: tools
17 years ago
FA: eBay HOT! Art and Education in Woodturning 1921
Terrific Book ~ 2hrs Left Art and Education in Woodturning If you miss this book then send me an email and make an offer sorry if I posted here without permission... Thanks, Magic
17 years ago
Natural edge bowl finish
I haven't had a lot of experience with turning green wood bowls but a friend had an old friend cut down recently, namely a Port Orford Cedar outside his office. I've made a bowl for him and got it to...
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Re: Tool sharpening
Ken, Just my humble opinion - I am a mechanical engineer with both bachelors, and masters degrees, as well as being state registered Professional Engineer.... Your fixture looks very well designed,...
17 years ago
Re: Sanding Article Part 2, Survey of Sanding Devices
On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 22:09:29 GMT, "Lyn J. Mangiameli" wrote: From experience, I have found just the opposite is true. My Craftsman 3" air ROS is MUCH slower at material removal than a standard drill...
17 years ago
What glue to use??
I want to glue plastic to wood and would like to know the best glue to purchase. I'll turning item on lathe. A thick CA (Superglue but highly refined) glue should work but a polyurethane glue like...
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Ping: Herm
Who you callin a yoyo old man. Don't be using no exclamation points when talkin about me you senile old fool. I'll lay a smitin prayer on that old wrinkled behind faster than Geritol runs through Mrs....
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Can someone invie me to join WOW please? God Bless, Al Kyder Whoever invites this yoyo to WOW will be immediately bounced from the site. Do I make myself clear!!! Herm in news: That makes four times I...
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LMG sets the stage for a new era in moral standards.
I have decided I can't do it alone despite my awesome powers. I have enlisted the help of a few of my friends to help in my effort to rid the world of sin. The diverse cast of the League of Missionary...
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Woodturners or contacts in Jogjakarta, Indonesia?
Friends, a friend of mine has emailed from the city Jogjakarta in Indonesia, asking if I know of any woodturning contacts in that area. I personally have no knowledge, I had to get the atlas just to...
17 years ago