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Re: Sosa's Bat...
In article , Reg says... Usually they use a painted bat so disguising it won't be as much of a problem: ,0, Adair's reasoning why it doesn't work:
17 years ago
Re: Deltal Midi
Greetings fellow wooturners. I have just purchased a new Delta Midi Lathe and have a couple of concerns. I have found slop in the tailstock fit between the ways and also the fit of the 1"X8" thread to...
17 years ago 5
Too much grease!!!!
Help! I think I over greased The General and the headstock drive belt is slipping. It is a royal pain! I wiped the belt real good, what else can I do? I don't know how this happened because I don't...
17 years ago 29
newbie question
My son bought a new house in the country on a lake and had to cut down a large 2 foot diameter dead evergreen tree. There was no foliage and the bark was still intact. It has wood that's quite red. I...
17 years ago 14
Wanted Wood Turner for Hire
I'm looking for a woodturner to make 8" to 12" honed basswood bodies for my lure making hobby. I'm not interested in turning, I paint and assemble. The rounded blanks would be very simple to make,...
17 years ago 2
Hardwoods in Florida????
I am spending next winter camping in Florida Jan-Apr and I plan to bring a lathe along to keep me out of trouble.... What hardwoods should I be able to get that are native to Centeral Florida, I am...
17 years ago 4
Exciting New site launch
Hi all We have set up a new site at which contains most of our craft work. Please feel free to stop by and have a look. Feedback appreciated! Thanks Richard
17 years ago
24tpi thread chasers
Anyone know where in the UK, you can buy 24tpi woodturning thread chasers? Many thanks Paul Hello Paul, I purchased my set of 24 tpi chasers from the following: G&M Tools The Mill, Mill Lane...
17 years ago 1
Roughing Gouges - Poorly Designed?
Over on Olympus there is a thread on roughing gouges, their design and use. It is a thread which has come up here amongst the Hoi Polloi as well, and the same old positions are being restated. Might...
17 years ago 6
AAW symposium pictures
for those of you looking for Andy Cohen's AAW symposium pictures, I've posted the set of pages and pictures at - there is a link on the home page that will take you to these pictures. -- Bill - also...
17 years ago 1
Woodwork Community Gallery
We just added a gallery to our website for woodworkers to share their woodworking pictures with the world, with a special section just for woodturners. There isn't many pictures in the gallery at the...
17 years ago
Re: Brenda Behrens Online Exhibition
Thanks Will, I have been a great fan of Brenda's work for some time. It's great to see so much of it in one place. Dave David Peebles Lyons, Ohio Revolutions Woodturning
17 years ago
Club lathe reccomendations WANTED
Our club is the Thames Valley Woodturners, London, Ont, Canada. We meet in a local high school and use one or two of their old General school lathes. These are OLD and beat up despite our attempts to...
17 years ago 2
Woodturning Supplies and Books in Los Angeles Area
I have a friend from Israel visiting Los Angeles this summer and he was looking for places to look for tools and books. Your reccomendations would be appreciated. Woodcraft... Yep, definitely...
17 years ago 1
Bandsaw review?
Does anyone have any first-hand opinion of the Perform CCBB bandsaw sold by Axminster in the UK? LOML is offering to buy me one for my birthday :-) If it's not worth the money, does anyone have any...
17 years ago 1