Going Cropping tomorrow night! What do I need to take?

I'm excited? I've found a new scrapbooking group that meets about ten
minutes away from my house and their first crop is tomorrow night!
Even DH can't object to ferrying me 10 or 15 minutes from home (not
that he'd object if I really asked him nicely even if it was further
away, but it's not fair to him to make unreasonable demands, so I'm
REALLY glad it's so close.) So of course I'm going :
Now the big question? this is only the second house crop I've gone to
and when I went to the first one I didn't even have my supplies yet?
now I have a whole craft-room full? Obviously I can't drag it ALL
along with me! So what do you think I should take along by way of
tools and stuff?
I'm not taking any photos with me - my next project is another baby
gift book for a lady at church, so I've started assembling all my bits
and pieces into a folder and I'll take that to work on.
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Karen AKA Kajikit
I have never been to a crop at a house, only to lss crops. I would think that the baby gift book you are working on should be ok. How long will the crop be? Do you think that you will finish before the crop is over? If so, you might want to carry something else to maybe start on there and finish later. Hope this helps.
Pamela in Texas
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pammy h
What I like to take is scissors, my Creative Memories personal trimmer and my Fiskars 12 inch trimmer, black scrapbook pen, favorite adhesive and my folder of what I'm working on. I also take post it notes to write myself notes on things I'll need to finish at home.
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King's Crown
Lots of M&M's, Favorite soft drinks and water only if they don't offer these. If you have a special diet then bring some of the things you will need. My sister is a diabetic so she usually brings her dinner and snack, Diet drink and sweet and low for coffee.
Something cool to bring is a cup holder that attaches to the table, you don't want to spill a drink on someone's work of art.
I would also bring a few other projects just in case you are not in the mood to work on what you originally planned or your quick.
A magazine for ideas, my creativity seems to go out the window at crops.
Comfy clothes
Have fun! Diana~
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dizzy d
I usually bring everything but the kitchen sink!...lol The crops I go to are quite a few miles away and I'm not sure what I will need. If you do forget something though scrappers are the nicest people generally they will let you use their tools.
I would say just bring the items you use the most and all the paper you will need a good collection of card stock and all your embellishments and you should be fine.
Have fun your lucky to have a crop near you!
Have a great weekend. Michelle P.
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I looked in my take it bag and found the following: scissors black pen pop dots glue dots tape runner and two refills
I have my projects "kitted" up, so depending on what one (or two or three) I'm brining with, I'll go through my embellishments and pick out stuff to bring with. I too fall on the "just short of the kitchen sink" side of things. I'll bring more projects that you can even imagine, my sidekick and dies, sometimes even my big Xyron and waaaaayyy to much paper. Usually fill my roller-tote and another tote too.
The last two times I've scrapped, I've somehow managed to not bring scissors. So at the very least make sure to take the basics! Kathy
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