Who is making What?

haven't been sewing in a few weeks because of illness, but I wondered what
others are making? It seems that most of my sewing has been altering my
clothes because I am still losing some weight, but today I gathered up a lot
of the clothes to take to a thrift store. They are just too big! How nice!
So what are you all doing?
Barbara in FL
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Bobbie Sews More
I made new kitchen curtains a few weeks ago and I'm very pleased with how they turned out. I've got some pajama pants that will need to be hemmed later this week after I wash them so if they shrink they will before I do any cutting.
That's it for me for now.
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After a too-long period of not sewing, I hemmed three pairs of off-the-rack pants today. One was new and too long, one was new and I'd picked the elastic out, and one had worn through at the edge.
That last worked rather well, I thought. I picked out the old hem, turned it inside out, sewed about a quarter inch from the tatters, permanent-basted a crease to make the seam allowances lie flat toward the hem, then folded just beyond the seam and re-stitched.
It made the pants a little shorter, but since the hems had been dragging often enough to wear through, I thought that all to the good.
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