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Re: vacuum attach for solid spindles
Hello Francis, The only two commercially available vacuum systems for solid spindles, with which I'm famaliar, are the Vicmarc Vacuum Plate (designed by Vic Wood) and the VaccuMaster Vacuum Chuck by...
17 years ago 1
Turning cues
Where can I get info on turning billiard/pool cues? Thanks, -Wayne
17 years ago
billiard cues
Any ideas where I can get info on turning pool/billiard cues? Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Wayne Try these:...
17 years ago 2
Lost a link
A month or two ago someone posted a link to online copies of the pages of "The Woodbook", shows the wood samples. I thought I bookmarked it but can't seem to find it now. If anyone knows the link I'm...
17 years ago 3
Re: Colwood Cub woodburning tool
Thanks Darrell. Can you give me any info on the Razortip system, ie why is it better, how costly, etc. Tony Manella > Tony I should be clear that I have not used the Colwood system. I do have the...
17 years ago 3
Sharpening thoughts
Hi all. How to get shot without really trying? Here goes. I read several messages lately about sharpening stones, grinders, sanding belts and so on. Most messages read like "what should I buy?" Where...
17 years ago 6
Ping:Andi Wolfe. Here is one I snapped after that cocktail party.
Really nice. God Bless, Al Kyder Look here Al. Those are nice and I wouldn't mind a rotation mysely,but that post was just innapropriate. You should not kiss and tell. Just keep to
17 years ago 1
looking for pics
If anyone has a good picture from one of my AAW rotations, I'd appreciate a copy for my website. Thanks! Andi Andi Wolfe
17 years ago
July's 'Showcase' posted on Creative Woodturning - Stuart Mortimer
The Creative Woodturning 'Showcase' for July has just been posted, this month it features the twists, turns and spirals of UK and Internationally acclaimed woodturner Stuart Mortimer.
17 years ago
Re: Scroll Chuck Question (newby sticking foot in)
Sure, though the newer lathe types with the rotating headstocks don't really need 'em. It's the older types where it was a benefit, as it allowed "outboard" turning. I've got one of the old Deltas,...
17 years ago 4
Re: Looking for good lathe
Hey Josh, A question first. Have you turned before or worked wood at all? If you just want to try out turning then how about a mini lathe like the mini Nova or Jet. Supposed to be real nice lathes....
17 years ago 1
Re: Indianapolis trip
[snip]> While the store's *address* is on 86th St, its actual *location* is nearly 1/2 mile *north* of 86th along the frontage road that parallels I-69 on the east. I'm not sure exactly how to get...
17 years ago 4
Re: AAW pics
Thanks!!! Great pics. Dave David Peebles Lyons, Ohio Revolutions Woodturning Great stuff, Thanks....... Ken..... -- Ken Bullock...
17 years ago 3
Re: Better Pen Kits?
Have you looked at the Platinum series pen kits at Craft Supplies. > I'm looking for quality pen kits. I went to The Woodturners Catalog or > Craft Supplies USA and every nice kit was ether out of the...
17 years ago 5
Re: Grinding Lathe Tools (My word)
Peter, More power to you, but our club demo lathe grinder sucks. As such, I have taught myself to sharpen on it without a nice platform or jig. I have also taught myself to sharpen on a sanding disk...
17 years ago