I'm HOME !!!

At last!! When we were going to the house on Friday we noticed that the
local A & P supermarket was open although not yet fully stocked. That
evening, the city declared the tap water is safe, so on Saturday we
moved in. Sunday morning we went to church (first service since
Katrina) and spent the rest of the day unpacking and tidying up. Well,
let me clarify. Five minutes straightening, then a half hour rest,
etc.. Fortunately, I had the foresight to call the local maid service a
week ago to reserve someone, and she came yesterday for four hours to
sweep, dust, vacuum and mop right through, so the house is now liveable.
This is the first time the board has allowed me on, which is why you
are just now hearing the news. Today I saw my dentist, tomorrow we see
dh's eye doctor, then on Friday my pulmonologist, then we shall see
after that.
Thanks for all the prayers, good thoughts, cyber hugs and especially for
the afghan, which is now draped across the back of my favorite chair -
which happens to be dark green, so the afghan positively glows against
it. I keep refolding it, as each side is different, and each one nicer
than the last.
Olwyn Mary (finally!!) in New Orleans.
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Olwyn Mary
Welcome HOME, Olwyn Mary!! :o)
So glad to read that you finally are able to be in your own home again, and things are almost back to normal again!
Peace! Gemini
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Welcome home! Sounds like you will be busy for the next couple of days but I hope you find the chance to just relax at some point!
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Laura J
I'm so glad you're home at last Olwyn Mary, it must be wonderful to sleep in your own bed! Just take it easy getting settled back in and don't try to do too much as once. Love Christine
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Christine in Kent, Garden of
Mary, it is so good to read that you're back in your home again. Take it easy and just do a little at a time.
There is nothing like "Home Sweet Home".
Rusty in CT and Dusty Dog
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I glad that you back home Olwyn Mary. You rest alot and let whoever you got to the house work & cooking for you. A Lot of hugs from Alabama Pam-Doggirl3
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In article , Olwyn
That is great news, wonderful that your city is slowly getting back on it's feet. I heard yesterday that finally all the dikes and leevies are closed and that the water all gone from the city. Amazing, Good luck with all the upcoming recoveries
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Els van Dam

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