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Re: Where do you start?
At a recent public demonstration, i.e. one that was for the general public
as opposed to being advertised to wood turners, I found myself frequently
pointing to the tip of the tool as I illustrated a cutting maneuver. Not the
thing I wanted them to "try at home."
God bless and safe turning
Darrell Feltmate
Truro, NS, Canada
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Re: Where do you start?

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Aye, but can any of you scratch your head And pat your belly while making  
the cut?! <G>

Re: Where do you start?

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Tom... you haven't tried an oval skew yet, have you? (nag,nag)

Take one of your skews and file or grind the corners off the shaft from the
cutting edge to past where the skew rests on the tool rest...  
Play with a piece of scrap, rotating the skew so that the point is "pointed"
slightly down... the only way it will catch now is if you dig the heel in (which
can be rounded when you sharpen) or hit the damn handle end with a mallet.. *g*

I've been amazed how much difference rotating the skew a bit makes... not only
in catching but in smoothness of cut... YMPWV


Re: Where do you start?
I hear ya. Besides, a spectacular catch is good for a heart check. And I
have had a few (or more) catches that is :-) thing is, after a hundred or so
Christmas ornaments, the skew gets to be an old friend. Practice, practice,
God bless and safe turning
Darrell Feltmate
Truro, NS, Canada
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Re: Where do you start?
Weed pots!  Basically fat spindles with a hole in it for a dry flower
or - a weed?  Long sweeping cuts, beads, V grooves, coves, some
end grain - and if you get bored, a loose ring or two.  Doesn't use
much wood - you can use just about any piece of wood, including
prunings from a tree or from a douglas fir or redwood 2x4.  Small
enough diameter that a catch doesn't involve a change of under
wear.  Green or dry - try both - and everything in between.  All can
be done between centers and the hole done on the drill press - no
chuck required.

You can try all kinds of shapes and find some that you'll use later
on a larger actually hollow form (I still don't know when a bowl  
becomes a vase).  Finding the proportions of a nice piece isn't
a function of the scale - small, large or in between, nice proportions
are nice proportions

You can make weed pots with just a couple of gouges - parting tool
and a skew or spindle gouge, or try every gouge in that set you
bought when you got the mini/midi lathe.

If you don't know what a weed pot is - have a look


And if you want to develop some finesse with a few gouges
make a bunch of hair sticks.  You'll need to know how to get
your edges really sharp though.  With stuff this thin, turned
between centers a dull tool will get one of these puppies
flexing like you won't believe - and THAT typically results in
a dig in, spiral cut, catch.  When they happen, the piece can
break and just fall down - or fly off in the most difficult
to predict direction.


Skip deep hollow forms until you have gotten to know your
lathe, tools and ways of working with them that you're  
comfortable and compitent with.

charlie b

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