quick quilt for granddaughter

Maybe someone here can help me decide on a quick quilt for my
granddaughter's 13th birthday. She picked out a fabric with the colors she
liked for her bedroom that is being remodeled. I ordered 3 yards of the
fabric and picked out some fabrics from my stash that would go well with the
fabric. I have a longarm quilter so I can quilt it pretty fast. I will be
getting the fabric that I ordered on the 26th and her birthday is on the
28th of November.
Don't know why I am having so much trouble with this.
Thanks Pat
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Hello to yet another Pat!! Warm wishes is quick, easy, pretty, and the pattern is free! It is on-line offering of Quiltmaker Magazine. I've made it several times, and always enjoy it.
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Pat in Virginia
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This worked up superfast. it was two 6.5" squares (one focus and one background fabric)and one 6.5 x 12.5" of focus fabric to make a square. set on pointand then alternate with the 12.5" setting squares of background fabric I embroidered in the setting squares, but fancy quilting or signatures would be nice too...
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I feel like I'm sounding like a broken record, but ... Warm Wishes is always quick and easy. It can be made bed size (or any size you want)
Julia in MN
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Julia in MN
Pat, I would reduce the stress. Don't worry about getting the quilt done for her birthday. Wrap up the fabric and a note that this will become a quilt for her "new" room. Perhaps she would like to help pick out a pattern, and even help make the quilt?? It would be a great gift to her, if she is interested at all in the process. It would be a gift of time spent with her as well as the finished quilt. And a whole lot less stress on you to finish something too quickly....which is always when I, at least, tend to make mistakes and do too much reverse sewing.
Pati, in Phx
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Pati C.

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