Home from camp -- long and somewhat OT

Camp had a few "growing pains" this year, since it's under new ownership
now. However, it was still well worth going. My best quilting buddy and
I met up -- as usual -- there and took a wonderful class from Helen
Frost and Cathy Skow on how to do a variety of different kinds of
bindings. I have a binder full of samples to refer to now, too. If you
have a chance, do take this class! :)
We heard a lecture from the hysterically funny and tremendously talented
David Taylor one evening; my cheeks hurt by the end of it. We also
worked through some EQ7 lessons, which was fun.
So camp was good, and I'm already looking forward to the next one. :)
The bad news is that I had a repeat of my car "adventure" from last
year. I was about 30-35 miles away from Flagstaff and hoping for a bit
of lunch upon arrival when my car quit. I barely had enough power to get
over to the shoulder and turn on my emergency flashers. I let the car
rest, and it decided to start, but it repeated the process again a few
minutes later. Luckily, unlike last year, it did start up again and
allowed me to finish the drive to Flagstaff, so I didn't have to be
towed or anything. However, I called DH while I was waiting on the side
of the road and told him that I was *never* going to bring this
particular car to camp again. He agreed, and we decided to shop for cars
at some point in the fall, something we'd already been discussing.
Yesterday, though, he said he thought we should go look at cars, so off
we went to the Toyota dealership. We'd planned to *look* at a couple of
different hybrid cars, but we both couldn't bring ourselves to go
anywhere else once we'd seen the Prius. So I'm now the owner of a
lovely white (Blizzard Pearl -- the name alone should keep me cooler in
the summer) Prius with *lots* of space in the back for sewing machines
and fabric! Yay! The temperamental car is going to find a new home; it
behaves beautifully except on the way to Flagstaff.
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Sounds like your old clunker doesn't like the altitude around Williams and Flagstaff, or maybe it doesn't like the climb up Ash Fork hill! It's WAY higher there than you are in Vegas!
Donna in Idaho
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Donna in Idaho
I suspect that Donna may be right about the altitude. We had a car that really rejected the notion of doing hills and highs. Just fine on flat but anything else was going to be met with a heap of protest. Anyhow, glad you had a good camp holiday and happy you have new fancy transportation. Did you ask the dealer if she 'does' altitude? Polly
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Polly Esther

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