Did 2 LO's!

I went to an all day crop on the 16th, was there for about 11 hours. In all
the time there, I completed 2 LO's. DH was a bit perplexed how I could be
at a crop that long and only get 2 LO's done. LOL But, I did get 2 or 3
LO's started while there. I just didn't get those finished because they
were missing something and whatever they were missing was at home. Even
though it felt like I was taking everything I owned, I obviously missed some
things and forgot the ribbon and fibers!
Now to figure out where the heck I used to upload the LO's. LOL Once I do,
I'll post the link.
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Deb in AR
LO's - layouts
I've been in limbo since I came back from the Roger's retreat. I think anything done or even half done is progress. It's a start..... Can't wait to see them. I always loved it when we shared LO's. I got some great ideas from everyone else.
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