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Textile and Needlecraft

These groups are the best place for discussions about sewing, dressmaking, needlework, knitting and any other crafts that use textiles, yarn and threads.

Sewing Discussions

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manual or how to thread riccar sewing machine model rw-7

by Rico
just got this sewing machine not sure how to thread it read more »

Sewing Textiles

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Adult Halloween Costumes, Lingerie And More!

by bbent
Adult Halloween Costumes, Lingerie And More! Lets get ready for that magical moment where kids and grown kids alike dress up and run around as there favorite character and hero for a day. Visit our ... read more »

Quilting Forum

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Replace quilt top

by erfloeser
Hi all, I'm new to quilting and have finished a quilt top to replace the fraying one one a quilt that I've had ages. I was wondering if it's possible/ how could I just put the new top over the old on... read more »

Needlework Board

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Website (finally) Live!

by Nyssa
After all sorts of unavoidable delays and gnashing of teeth, my Web Partner, Laura, and I are proud to announce that our website is FINALLY live and ready for visitors. http://logicalinsight.net ... read more »

Knitting and other yarn carfts

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Buy at good and affordable prices:

by thomasnavaro417
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Machine Embroidery

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Niharika Multi Head Embroidery Studio | Contact Us

by irshadzain90887
1 (31).jpg We are providing best Embroidery works for saris, dress materials, Blouses, School Uniforms, Company T-Shirts and Logo with a name. To get our best services please contact us. Visit for... read more »

Beads, Glass and Pottery

Discussions about beads, lampworking and other glass, pottery and related crafts

Pottery Crafts

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Model 181 Skutt Electric Kiln

by EmmyM
I'm buying a kiln to start an at home studio, I added the make and model to the title. I don't know much about kilns. Is this worth the craigslist purchase? Does anyone have a manual on this? Can any... read more »

Glass Crafts

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Looking for recommendations for painting on glass and other ...

by Starshine
Greetings, I am looking for the best supplies for painting on glass, CDs / DVDs, rocks and other mediums. I am new to all of this. For reference, here are a few YouTube videos of what I am intere... read more »

Beading Crafts

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No more posts.

by Shirley
My ISP is dropping Usenet on the 28th of this month, so if anyone is reading I will be saying goodbye. Been a great joy knowing you all. Hugs Shirley -- Shirley www.allcrafts.org.uk read more »

Paper Crafts

Discussions about rubber stamps and other crafts in which paper is the major medium

Rubber Stamp Crafts

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Rubber Stamps!

by fane
http://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/digital-stamping/?r=864491 read more »


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New York Stories

by JJSweete
... first good look http://home.earthlink.net/~stone.tower5/nystories/toc.html read more »

Wood Crafts

Discussions about woodturning, carving and other wood crafts

Woodturning Crafts

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Cooked Ash or Oak

by schreiner.spitzer
Is it possible to DIY ?cooked ash? or ?cooked oak ? in a home shop? read more »

Edible Crafts

Discussions about baking, candy making and other food crafts

Baking Crafts

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Thought I would try here

by FMurtz
My mother used to make very sweet crumbly tart bases with pastry that you did not roll, just pressed into tin (think it had lot of butter)( it just looked like crumbs but when blind baked it was ... read more »