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Textile and Needlecraft

These groups are the best place for discussions about sewing, dressmaking, needlework, knitting and any other crafts that use textiles, yarn and threads.

Sewing Discussions

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<Way Off Topic> Yes, I can!

by BEI Design
I just replaced the ballcocks, float balls, refill tubes, flapper valves, and reconnected the water supply in two of my three toilets, and there are no leaks (Once I figure out which is rignty-... read more »

Sewing Textiles

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Which button hole attachment fits a singer 306w

by Sparkles75
I just purchased a beautiful black vintage Singer 306w. I am needing to find the correct button hole attachment that fits this specific model.. Can someone please help me? read more »

Quilting Forum

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Fishy Business

by morningdove2011
This is the quilt I am working on except mine is a full size quilt. I t will be 10 inch blocks with 6 blocks across and 7 blocks long, alternatin g water block then fish. I plan on putting a... read more »

Needlework Board

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Heirloom Christmas Stockings book...

by Barb L
not sure if this will help https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HIp40cJpDK6EqUu4lXAzrAEjCkEPdBqZ6UB0fAd_Hr4/edit read more »

Knitting and other yarn carfts

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Re: Finnish/Sami knitting patterns

by Julia in MN
I googled sami knitting patterns and this at the top of the list: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/skolt-sami-mittens I didn't look at everything google returned. There are also other sami ... read more »

Machine Embroidery

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Req: Digitizer Pro iso (cross posted)

by c0sm0s--
Looking for an iso of DigitizerPro. My computer crashed, I have the dongle and I can't find the disk. TIA read more »

Beads, Glass and Pottery

Discussions about beads, lampworking and other glass, pottery and related crafts

Pottery Crafts

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Brent Slab Roller SR 36

by william francis
have a brand new never used brent sr36 slab roller for sale $1200. Will trade for large coffin type kiln . Call or tex Bill at 252-475-0146 in nc -- william francis read more »

Glass Crafts

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What are the characteristics of Mullite Brick?

by refractory
Mullite brick with mullite as phase of high aluminum refractory material. Has higher refractoriness, can reach more than 1790 ?. So what quality characteristics does Mullite brick have? 1. The brick... read more »

Beading Crafts

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No more posts.

by Shirley
My ISP is dropping Usenet on the 28th of this month, so if anyone is reading I will be saying goodbye. Been a great joy knowing you all. Hugs Shirley -- Shirley www.allcrafts.org.uk read more »

Paper Crafts

Discussions about rubber stamps and other crafts in which paper is the major medium

Rubber Stamp Crafts

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Rubber Stamps!

by fane
http://www.craftsuprint.com/card-making/digital-stamping/?r=864491 read more »


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New York Stories

by JJSweete
... first good look http://home.earthlink.net/~stone.tower5/nystories/toc.html read more »

Wood Crafts

Discussions about woodturning, carving and other wood crafts

Woodturning Crafts

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Anyone have a current contact for Nova parts?

by Mac Davis
I need to replace the keeper plate (part #24040) on my DVRxp lathe again... All of the contact info that I had and any on the web is outdated and are dead links... read more »

Edible Crafts

Discussions about baking, candy making and other food crafts

Baking Crafts

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Anyone know how to make some more people know our website: W...

by sale
Hi, We have made the site three years before, we don't know how to do SEO. Anyone know how to make some more people know our website: WWW.SKYESHOPPING.COM ? Really appreciate if someone could hel... read more »